Bespoke Furniture
Bespoke Seatings

-Day Bed « Velvet Underground »
iron powder coating, velvet and Dharavi’s leather, L73 x H30 x W30 (inches)

-Chair « Ponti Cheri » Reinterpretation of the Gio Ponti’s Supperleggera chair
iron small pipe powder coating and contemporary canework, H34 x W16 (inches)

-Armchair « Nightingale », in homage to the decorator David Nightingale Hicks

teck wood, brass and velvet (Atmosphere Brand), H33 x W28 x L28 (inches)

-Traditional desk chair covered with Williams Morris’ fabric, H31 x W21.5 (inches)
-Vintage stool covered with Atmosphere’s fabric, H18 x W18 (inches)